– Access the beach in KM 236 off BR 101: ACCESS TO PRAIA DO SONHO;

– Once you’re in KM 236, count 1.3 km, until you come across a tire service;

– From there, follow until you find a church (200 meters ahead or so);

– From the church to the access leading to Praia do Sonho you’ll need to continue for about 2.2 km;

– Do NOT turn to the access leading to Praia do Sonho. Keep following the state Road until you find a gas station (Ipiranga);

– Keep going for another 600 meters or so, until you find a supermarket called Ana Paula. Right after that, 100 meters or so later, there’ll be another supermarket (Basqueira);

– From there, keep going for another 700 meters until you reach the access to Ponta do Papagaio.

– There you’ll instantly be on a road called AVENIDA DO PAPAGAIO, and IF you follow for 800 meters you’ll reach a restaurant DUMAR. Turn right on the 800 Street, and follow for another 100 meters until you reach a small street called SERV. 802. This is the access to our inn – Nossa Casa Inn is by the end of this street, where you’ll also find our parking lot, our kiosk, and the beach.