Ponta do Papagaio

Since 1502, when the expedition of Andre Goncalves arrived in Ponta do Papagaio’s bay, its visitors are enchanted by its natural beauty. In the first decades of the 20th Century, the Ponta, as it is called by the native people, started to be slowly populated – at first by fishermen attracted by the abundance of its waters, and soon after by villagers, and occasional visitors.

Up until de 1940s, it was possible to see two islands there: the small Papagaio Island, and the big Papagaio Island. Later, with silting, the old island joined the continental portion, forming in the region something like an isthmus.

The beautiful beach in Ponta do Papagaio is flanked by Praia do Sonho, ad by Praia da Pinheira. Not very far from there are two other famous beaches: Guarda do Embau, and Naufragados – the latter being the most extreme portion to the South of Florianopolis. The ones who visit the region get to know several small islands there. Ask for boat trips within the area.

Not infrequently, the salty waters of our beaches become nurseries for whales from July to September.

The inns history dates from the late 70s, when its owners decided to live in Ponta do Papagaio, and renovated the facilities, transforming the place into today’s structure: the Nossa Casa Inn.

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Nossa Casa Inn, in Ponta do Papagaio, is near the main touristic spots in the South of Brazil. From here, you can easily go to:

Blumenau 177 km
Balneario Camboriu 111 km
Bombinhas 101 km
Laguna 85,5 km
Palmas, Gov. Celso Ramos 81 km
Canasvieiras – Florianopolis 73km
Jurere Beach – Florianopolis 70km
Lagoa da Conceição – Florianopolis 59km
Downtown Florianopolis 47km
Florianópolis International Airport 55km
Guarda do Embau Beach 10km
Garopaba Beach 57km
Buenos Aires – Argentina 1751km
Montevideu – Uruguay 1303km